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There are a lot of different ways to catch Tuna,but the way I catch them is to use live or dead bait.You need at least a # 9 pen or something that will hold a least 600 yards of 80lb. test.for the hook I like a # 9 live bait hook.butterfish is the best bait but I have found that any fish will work.

The method is chunking.... scatter fish, cut up, pieces... drop over side... continue doing this while... a fresh hook bait, or frozen whichever you have... is suspended in the flow of the chunks being dropped over.... The idea is to draw the fish to the hook bait and hope...... !!

order below

Hophins-Shorty Spoons

This is a hot bait.All fish will bite this jig.It's very deadly for Stripe Bass.The key is, make sure you use a snap swivel or it will cut your line.Also use it for catfish,go down almost to the bottom and jig it up and down slowly.If you put a small piece of bait on the hook you can hold it still and when Mr.whiskers bite down on those treble hooks you have him .

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