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( Beach Fishing )
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( Fishing Log )
Photo's can now be seen for some trips,

July 2, 2005

Charterboats: Offshore fishing has produced large specimens of big-eye tuna, limits of yellowfin tuna, and moderate catches of dolphin & wahoo. Midrange charters are catching large specimens of cobia and plenty of blueline tilefish, black sea bass, and bluefish. Inshore Charters are catching lots of bluefish & croakers with increasing numbers of flounder.

Headboats: Lots of bluefish & croakers, with increasing numbers of flounder being caught.

Private Boats: All fishing success same as Charter Boats in above described waters.

Piers: Lots of bluefish, croakers, spot, and an occasional flounder have been caught.

Shore: Catches similar to piers, but catching more flounder & fewer bluefish & croakers.

General Overview: Warm water temps & favorable weather conditions have permitted anglers to be persistent and catch a variety of desirable species.


January 10, 2005

Oregon inlet from the boat rock fishing. Off at 7:00am with heavy fog. We started off going North trolling. Not to much going on I guess but then you could not see more than mile. Later off the big pile of sand we hooked up on a small Rock around 14# in 70 feet of water. Then we got one 24# and missed one more. All where caught on stretch 30 trolling. Back at the inlet there where boats in the Ocean waiting for someone to go through the inlet because you could not see where the markers where at. The fog had set in bad. You could not see over 200 feet. I had the channel on GPS, so we when first and the rest followed us through the inlet. When we got past the bridge there where more boats waiting there because you could not see the cans in the cut through. We went first again and we did ok not to have that on GPS. We ran aground one time. Back at the dock there where around 5 boats there trying to make up there minds if they wanted to try it with the for.


July 12, 2004

Wind South around 9 mph

Water Temp. 84`

Water clarity 3 foot

Off on the Chowan River this afternoon. Fished around the bridge with no luck. Run to a spot with some smooth bottom. The White Perch where there in good numbers but not to many big ones. We caught around 75 but most went back over. We took about 25 nice White Perch home.


Oregon Inlet 06-16-04
Fishing at the Gulf Stream was very good. 50 pound class yellowfin Tunas and some gaffer dolphin. Two 70 pound yellowfins were landed and a 255 pound big eye. A white marlin was released. Inshore Los of taylor blues, some speckled trout, flounders, croakers, spots and spanish mackerel. One open boat had a red drum and several black drums. Miss Oregon Inlet caught a lot of pig fish in the morning.

February 23, 2004

Oregon Inlet

What a nice day for fishing light winds and good seas. Off this morning to try to find some rock. The inlet was nice on the way out. Went north about 14 miles and we found some birds and a few boats. Put the trolling gear out and got a few nice rock. Then we starting jigging down deep. Birds where everywhere falling from the sky. We where catching rock every time you would let the jigs down. Sometimes the jig would not make it to the bottom before you would have a rock on. There where four in the boat and we had a limit before 10:30 am. It was just unbelievable how many rock where there. Sometime we would drift for a mile with birds diving around the boat. The rock where biting as fast as you could get the bait back in the water. We caught over 60 nice rock there. Then we heard on the radio the fish where on top off Jennettes pier. Went we got there boats everywhere where hooked up. The rock where rolling on top as far as you could see. We stayed there jigging the rest of the day. Someone in the boat was hooked up with a nice rock all the time, sometimes two or three would be on at the time. It was this way for 3 or 4 hours. There was not over five minuets when a fish was not coming in the boat. I had to stop fishing to eat lunch. We caught well over 250 fish for the day. When we left to go back to the ramp the rock where still on top as far as you could see. It was the best fishing I have ever seen. Back at the inlet the waves where close and big. Not to bad but you had to keep a look out behind the boat for rolling white water. The wave inside the where about 5 foot.

January 13, 2004

Oregon Inlet report

 Off this morning fishing on "Hooked Up". Had to wait in line to launch the boat about 10 minuets. Reports said, The fish where north of the Inlet. When we got there the birds where there, circling and diving. Four of us in the boat and we got our limit trolling and where back at the ramp at 1:00 p.m. The big rock for the trip was 27 lbs.


Orgeon Inlet Zoo Report
 What a great way to start this year, fishing. Off to chase the rock fish this morning from Oregon Inlet. There was so many boats in line on hwy.12, you could not see the parking lot. We got in line about 2 miles from the fishing center. After a few hours, we finally got in the parking lot. There where well over 200 boat trailers in and around the parking lot. I though that was bad. But when we got to the boat ramp it was overflowing with boats. There where 15 to 20 boats around the ramp waiting for their buddy to park the truck and get back. Got the boat in the water and it was like follow the leader through the channel. I thought the worst was over, but when we hit the channel past the bridge, all you could see was birds falling from the sky and it was a fiberglass zoo. I dont see why the birds where not hitting boats, because you could all most jump from boat to boat. The fish where having a blitz on top of the water as far as you could see. There where boats trolling, boats casting, all where catching fish, well not all, some where catching each other. I saw a few motors tilted up and people untangling line from their motor prop. We caught good numbers of fish there. It was not long before we slipped out from all the boats and looked a less crowded place to fish. There where still a lot of boats everywhere and you had to stay on your toes to keep from hitting someone, or someone hitting you. We caught fish all day off and on. Back at the ramp it was just madness. Finally got the boat on the trailer. Found a room for the night and made a plan for the next day. 

 The next day the same thing, long lines and boat to boat. After a few hour of stop and go. We got the boat in the water and we where on the hunt. Did not take long to find the fish. We caught rock off and on the rest of the day. At the end of the day we decided to put up with all the boats one more day. 

 The next morning, back in line again. This time the park rangers where in the road at the campground making all the boats circle through the campground and get the boat ready to put in the water. They only let a few boats at the time go to the ramp, so hopefully it would be less of a problem to unload. On the water and on the hunt for the rock fish again. We caught good number of fish in the morning. For the afternoon, I guess something went bad. We ran up and down the beach looking for birds and fish. We saw a few birds diving, but I think it was just bait fish. We had to fish hard to get two rock fish for the afternoon and two nice size bluefish.

December 16, 2003

Oregon Inlet

  Off this morning with light winds. Ran south of the Inlet a few miles and boats everywhere. Started trolling with stretch 30's in 60 foot of water. The rock where there, but they where scattered. Every where you looked somebody on a boat somewhere was pulling in a rock. There where three of us in the boat and we got our limit in less than three hours. The biggest rock out of the six we caught was 20 lbs. The six rock we caught where, (10 lbs & 9 ozs), (11 lbs), (11 lbs & 2 ozs), (14 lbs & 9 ozs), (16 lbs & 4 ozs), and (20 lbs & 2 ozs). One rock had a tag in it. I will post latter on the information that I receive from Marine Fisheries about the rock tag.

  A friend I know was also fishing in the same area. There got there limit too. They had a huge rock. The rock was weighed at Oregon Inlet fishing and went 39 lbs. and was 48 inches long. I think it is the biggest rock this year out of Oregon Inlet. I will try to get a photo of that fish.

12-16-03.jpg#1 ><((((> 12-16-03.jpg#2

12-16-03.jpg#3 ><((((> 12-16-03.jpg#4



December 9, 2003

Oregon Inlet

Nice day

Winds less than 5 mph

Water clarity 14 inches

   Off this morning with the can-do-crew, started out at the bridge in a spot that has put fish in the boat before. After two hours the bite was not on. We went to drift the inlet channel, not luck there. We got a ring from a friend that the bite was on. Ran south from the Inlet about 2 mile, boats where hooked up when we got there. Started trolling with stretch 20s and 30s.The other boats where catching a rock once in a while. Then we starting catching some rock. The big fish of the day was 30lbs. The five of us took our limit home. The rock where in the 15 to 30 lb. range.

12-9-03.jpg ><((((> 12-9-03.jpg ><((((> 12-9-03.jpg



November 16, 2003

  Off from Oregon Inlet, the morning was nice, but a little cool. The Inlet was a little muddy from the high winds a few days before. We run out 25 miles to the 102 tower to catch some AmberJacks. No luck with the AmberJacks, but we found some nice sea bass, we caught 12 nice black sea bass and two of them went over five pounds. Also we caught two trigger fish, but never did find the AmberJacks. On the way back in we saw some skip Jacks busting on top. We trolled through them and picked up two. Back at the Oregon Inlet bridge things looked slow. We fished until dark and didn't get a bite. We put out the light and it was not long before, I have a nice rock on the run. With one rock over 13 pounds in the box things where looking good. I hung a few more rock but never got to see them. Right before we left we tried the sound side and caught on more rock around three pounds. For the day, we caught two rock, one was 13 lb -5 ozs and 34 inches long, the other rock was 3 lbs and 24 inches long. At the tower we caught 12 nice black sea bass, with two over 5 lbs. Also caught two skip Jacks and two trigger fish.

11-16-03.jpg ><((((> 11-16-03.jpg ><((((>

11-16-03.jpg ><((((> 11-16-03.jpg ><((((>



November 12, 2003

  Off this morning from Cape Colony in the Albemarle sound. Waves where white capping at the ramp and winds where blowing straight down the river at lest 20 mph. Ran to the bridge, starting trolling with deep running plugs. As we where trolling down the bridge, I was on the bow casting a spoon under the bridge. It was not to long before, I hooked a small rock. That was the last hit we got. We decided to go in and try the Chowan river bridge. At the ramp on the Chowan river the waves where 1 to 2 foot. We went to the other side and it was not as rough. We trolled around the bridge with deep running plugs. Not a bite. We jigged around the bridge and fished on the bottom for whatever. Sometimes things just don't work out right.


November 11, 2003

Winds SSW 5 knots

Waves 6 inches

Water Clarity 15 inches

Off to Belhaven this morning just me and my father. Through the cast net and got two jumping mullets for bait. We fished the water wall with jigs and live mullets, no fish. We saw some rock caught trolling. We starting trolling also. After 30 minutes of trolling with deep running plugs. My father hooked a nice flounder that was 16 inches. We saw a few more rock caught after that but we never did get a rock. We tried drifting, casting, and bottom fishing. With no luck. At he end of the day I let the two jumping mullets go at the ramp. Overall view, I think the storm has messed up the fishing. Hopefully it will be better next year.




November 6-7, 2003

Oregon Inlet

 Left the ramp and went to the bridge to try the rock. Fished with live eels around the bridge in a few good spot that I know, but no fish could be found. No small fish could be caught for bait that we could find. Went to try the spots, but did not have any luck there. I did see a few spots, and one trout caught. Latter that day, we caught a flounder that went a little under 14 inches. So, fishing in a word. slow

 After dark we put a light out under the bridge. Caught a few oystertoads off the bottom on shrimp. One of the eels tail got gut off by a Bluefish, but we never caught it. We got six spots from a friend to use as bait. They where around one pound each, but we wanted to caught a big rock. We fished until 2:00 am and we still had not found the rock. But we had a nice fishing trip. We cooked hamburgers on the grill in the boat. A hot hamburger hit the spot on a slow fishing night.

 After a little sleep, we where ready to look for that big rock fish again. Started working the bridge from spot to spot. It was starting to look like a repeat of the day before. We fished hard trying to get a rock and then when I did hook up with one, it took me in around the pilings and broke off. Caught two small Bluefish jigging with spoons. Latter that day a nice rock took a live bluefish form the bottom. It was a short fight and the rock lost the bait, but the bait had teeth marks all on it. We never did get a rock in the boat or never saw a rock. But next time, hopefully it will be better.


November 3, 2003

Oregon Inlet

  First thing the battery was dead, so I have to pull start it with a rope. Then after a short run we starting fishing at the bridge for rock. After one hour with no bites. I pulled the rope again and we went to try to catch spots. The spots have moved out but I did see a few caught from the banks. Went to pull the rope to start the motor. Of all things my finger got in the starter wheel and the fishing trip was on hold. After a short time, I pulled it again with a bad finger and went to the coast guard station and got a little first aid. Then went to the Nags Head Hospital and got 11 switches in my finger. Well back to the boat ramp after 2 hours. Pulled the rope to start it again and went back fishing. Lost two rock on live bait around the bridge. In the inlet the pelicans where feeding on something, so we ran over there. Got two small bluefish casting and saw some other blues pass at the baits. Went to try the spots again and this time we caught one. So the day really did not turn out that bad after all.


November 1, 2003

  Oregon Inlet the morning was clear and a light breeze from the Northeast. Starting fishing at the bridge for Rock. As soon as we put the eels down, something took my eel but it got off. Put on a new eel and this time a rock took the bait. After a short battle with the fish, he was in the boat. The rock was 10lb and 29 inches long. We tried for 2 hours, but no bites other than Oyster crackers and one linkcod. Got a call from a friend that some nice big spots where biting good. When we got there the bite was on. We fished for 4 hours there catching big spots. Most where over one pound and we got over 50 nice spots. There where well over 1,000 spots caught from boats and pepole fishing on the shore that I saw. One thing that I was surprise about we did not catch no little bottom fish. Most of the time the hogfish and pinfish worry you to death.


October 17, 2003

Oregon Inlet

Winds SW 5 knots

Waves 1 foot

Water Clarity Less than 1 foot

   Out from Oregon Inlet at 8:30 am to catch some live bait for offshore. We fished all around the inlet and bridge with no luck. We ran though the inlet and started to go offshore. We stopped 5 miles offshore and tried to catch something. Fished on the bottom and jigged lures. The fish where not in a biting mood. We trolled for 1 hour and did not get a strike. We decided not to go offshore and fish the rest of the day out in the inlet and around the bridge. That was just as bad. We fished everything and every way, but could not get a fish. We caught 1 small stingray. Although I did see 3 small rock caught by other boats the fishing for the most part was dead. From this photo you would think the fish where biting great but everybody was just trying to catch a fish.

Photo  10-17-03.jpg


October 11, 2003

 First day of the rock season and what a day. Winds from the NNE 20 to 25 knots. Waves at the Oregon Inlet bridge where over 4 feet and some went 8 to 10 feet. The fishing was slow for us. We caught three Bluefish and two small sting rays all day. No Rock to be found. I saw two other boats catch two rock at the bridge one was nice 4 to 5 lbs. the other was just legal. We fished live eels on the bottom, around the bridge, and some other good spots, but could not find the rock. I did get a report of good rock fishing around Mann's harbor bridge, but that did not last long. There big rock was 18 lbs. and they caught 10 rock total. Here is a photo of how big the waves where at the bridge.

Thanks to Rock Solid for the photo.



October 4, 2003
Oregon Inlet
winds SW 15 to 20 knots
water temperature
sound 66`
ocean 76`
waves 3 to 5 foot

  Off this morning to the 102` tower, 23 miles out from Oregon Inlet. Left the boat ramp and stopped in the channel to catch some bait. Fishing in a word Slow, and small where the size of the Pinfish and Hogfish we where catching. They where around 4 inches long and about 3 oz. We left there with what few small fish we had. At the Inlet It was a little choppy but not to uncomfortable. Got to the tower put the live bait down. Fishing in a word, Slow. I guess the Jacks where not biting or not there. We only caught one Jack about 30 lbs. The good thing was, while we where trying the Jacks on the bottom. We starting catching Black Sea Bass on the live fish. Good size seabass in the 2 to 4 pound range. We caught Black seabass off and on the rest of the day. The high light of the day was, Had a seabass on the line and when it got to the water surface a big Wahoo cut the seabass in half. Tossed the fish back in the water and he took it again, but I pulled the fish out of his mouth and did not hook him. Tossed it back one more time. This time I let him have it to long and when I set the hook the teeth cut the line. we had one more bass cut in half, but did not see what it was that did it. For the day we took home one Jack 25 lbs and 35 Black seabass.

September 28, 2003

Water temp. 74`

Winds NE 10 to 15 knots

Waves 1 to 8 foot

Water Clarity 6 to 8 inches

Oregon Inlet

  Off this morning from the wildlife ramp across the road from Pirate's Cove. NC 12 is still closed and no access to the fishing center or Oregon Inlet but by boat. Started out trying to catch some live bait for offshore. Fished on the bottom with shrimp and caught 15 small Pinfish and hogfish. Ran to the Oregon Inlet bridge and the inlet was getting bad. We rocked and rolled through the inlet and got out in the Ocean. We made the decision not to go offshore and went to the shipwreck AR-140. Put the live bait down and off the bat the rod went down. It was a small Dog Shark 2 or 3 foot long and 8 to 10 lbs. We drifted live bait for two hours but did not find anymore fish. Then we trolled back to the Inlet, no fish. When we got back to the Inlet there where 6 to 8 foot waves in the Inlet. It was a bad ride through the Inlet to the bridge and we where on a 22 footer. We fish the rest of the day around the bridge. We caught some little fish, one throw back Flounder, one 14 inch Trout, and a Bluefish.


September 16, 2003

partly cloudy

winds North 20 to 25 mph

waves 1 to 2 foot

water Clarity 1 to 2 foot                   

water 74.6`

Oregon inlet Report

    Well, with a hurricane just 600 miles of the coast and coming fast. What better to do than to go fishing. Got to the ramp at 7:00 am. There where no other trucks or boats in the parking lot. The fishing center had three boats in the docks and It has around 20 boats most of the time. Put the boat in ran to the bridge and fished on the bottom around the pilings. The tide was running fast and with winds pushing the water too, it was hard to stay on the bottom. We caught some Oyster Toadfish and small Tautogs. Next, we fished the channels by the catwalks on both sides. Small Pinfish and one nice spots on one side, but nothing much going on for the other side. We also tried at the main channel under the bridge. We caught two small rock there jigging and Oyster Toadfish on the bottom. We decided to try drifting from the bridge back through the channel. It was just a bad day I guess. We never did hit the flounders. After drifting for 2 hours we went to the Old House channel. There where some fish in the channel but they where far apart. We made 8 or 9 long drifts and came up with 4 Trout with one being legal. Small Flounders, and Pinfish all you wanted and as fast as it hit the bottom. The highlight of the day was 4 bluefish. Got back to the ramp and no boats where at the fishing center. Then on the way back home Parties Cove had only three boats at the mariner. Most days there are over 50 boats there. All of the outer banks is getting ready for Isabel. Mandatory evacuations are in effect . Winds over the next few days are going to pick up to around 110 mph, so the fishing will be on hold for a while.

9-16-03.jpg   ><((((>


September 8, 2003

Partly cloudy and breezy
Winds NE 20 - 35 mph
Waves 2 - 4 foot
Water Clarity 6 to 8 inches
Water temp. 76`

 Off this morning with my Cousin to try his new 22 foot center console Sea Pro. We fished from Swans Quarter casting grubs and shrimp on the bottom. Lots of small Pinfish, a few small Croaker, flounders, and Trout. We had a good run of Trout for 10 minutes. Hooked up on 7 and out of them only one was 13 - 1/2 inches. Also caught a Flounder 14 inches and one good Croaker.
9 - 8 -   ><((((>  9 - 8 - 03.jpg  ><((((> 


August 31, 2003

Sunny & Hot
winds SE 15 miles
Winds clamed down after lunch

Left Oregon Inlet 6:30 a.m. on all day trip. Stopped at the bridge on a drop off to catch some live bait for offshore. Right away the fish where coming in the boat. We caught 15 or 20 little fish for bait. Ran to the tower and let the live bait down. Not a bite and did not see any fish. We tried for 15 minutes and no fish. Then we put the spreader bar out and started trolling. We saw some Yellowfin Tuna jumping in front of the boat but we did not have the baits out yet. Trolled for two hours and not a rise from a fish. Reeled in and ran to another tower. Three boats where there fishing. We backed up to the tower and put the live baits in. Right off we had two on and broke both off. So we went to bigger reels and line. Penn 9/0 with 80 # test. Went back to the tower. I put my bait in and hooked a big fish. Took me 45 minutes to get him in the boat. When it hit the deck it was a 55 lb. AmberJack. We hook 10 or 15 more Jacks from 25 lbs. to 45 lbs. Releasing most of them. Let there and went to another tower. Went we got there Spadefish where all over. You could see them about 15 foot under the water. We did not try for them. Put the live bait down. Right off a AmberJack was on running. We catch 4 or 5 more and released them. Left there and started back in. On the way we saw a fin on the surface, it was a Shark. I tried for him but he keep on swimming. When the bait was falling through the water. I hooked something big. I think it was a big ray under the Shark but I never saw it. After 15 minuets the hook came out. For the day we got five Nice AmberJacks.


8 - 31 - 03.jpg   ><((((>  8 - 31 - 03.jpg  ><((((> 8 - 31 - 03.jpg  

8 -31 - 03.jpg   ><((((>  8 - 31 - 03.jpg  ><((((>


August 20,2003

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report


    What a nice day for fishing. The winds where light and from the Northeast. This is from what I observed while fishing. Lots of boats fishing the inlet and around the bridge. Good flounder fishing all over, most where under size. We caught 25 but the biggest was 13 inches. Lots of sheepheads and tautogs around the bridge. The bait of choice was sand fleas for the sheepheads. Rock fish in good numbers around the bridge. We caught 10 rock jigging spoons on the bottom, all we caught where undersize. Bluefish where also in the inlet. I lucked up on one.

    From the catwalk, I fished around one hour. About 15 people fishing on both sides. I saw one trout caught and it was under size. One good spot was caught around one pound. Also lots of small pinfish and Black Sea Bass on the still tide. Not to say that Big fish where not caught, but I did not see any.



August 14, 2003

  Surf fishing has been real good along Cape Hatteras. Five Cobia where caught between 45 and 50 lbs. Spanish mackerel and Blue Fish where caught in good numbers both in the morning and afternoon.

  Oregon inlet bridge Sheepheads has been biting good around the bridge. A few Gray Trout where took on small live fish. At night good numbers of Rock fish where caught.

  Outer Banks pier the water was cold. Temp was 60, but the fish where still biting. Sea mullet, Croakers, Spots, and Flounder where took off and on all day.

   For the boats off shore fishing in the Billfish tournament. Things are slow with all the cold water. Today 68 boats where fishing for billfish and only 6 where caught. For the two day tournament only 12 billfish where caught.


July 26, 2003

calm seas & light winds

     Ran from OI to the point. Trolled around 4 hours, not a bite. Charter boats had a few Tuna and skip jacks that I saw. We never did luck up on one. Left the point and ran to the tower. Caught one Jack. Lot of boats there so we left and went to another tower. Spade fish where all over the water surface, so we tried for them. We caught spade fish till we got tired of catching them. For the day we got one Jack and 50 Spade fish. We never did find the Tuna but we had a great day on the water.


June 21, 2003

   Fishing out of Oregon inlet this morning with Capt. Webb on his 28 foot sports cat. We left the inlet with clam winds and small seas. We have a great ride to the point we saw 2 sea turtles on the way there. At the point there where a lot of boats trolling. We put the spreader bar out and rigged the baits. The Tuna where there and we had one right off the bat in the 15 to 20 pound range. We caught Tuna off and on the rest of the day. One time we had five Tuna at the time on and put four in the boat. For the Day we got 14 Tuna and tagged one under size. The big fish for the day was a Tuna that went 40 lbs.

May 21, 2003

Report Oregon Inlet

   SSW wind at 10 to 15 clear sky and temperature mid 70s. Gulf Stream reports good tuna, good dolphin, king mackerel and a few wahoo. Some of the boats had up to 10 king mackerel aboard. Inshore boats having very good blue fishing. They are also catching sea bass. Very good sheep head fishing on Bonner Bridge (Oregon Inlet). Some of the sheep head weigh 8 pounds. There are also black drum being caught on the catwalks.

Report Pirate's Cove

   A beautiful day and the guys offshore made the best of it! great catches of dolphin and some nice size tuna. Some king mackerel and wahoo in the mix as well. Inshore had great catches of bluefish again, we're still waiting for the cobia to show back up! So all in all a good day!!

Report Hatteras Landing Marina
  The weather was gorgeous. Sunny skies, calm seas and warm weather made for a relaxing fishing day. A couple of Blue Marlin where spotted. Offshore had some Gaffer Dolphins, Yellowfin Tunas and King Mackerel.

Overall report Marine Fisheries

Northern District Dare, Hyde, Currituck, & Beaufort Counties
Charterboats: Yellowfin tuna and dolphin fishing continued to be good this week. Several big eye tuna were taken this week up to 202 lbs.

Headboats: Anglers caught bluefish, grey trout, pigfish and scattered flounder.

Private Boats:This week fishermen reeled in plenty of bluefish, Spanish mackerel, flounder and grey trout.

Piers:Bluefishing was excellent this week. There were also Spanish mackerel caught on jerk jiggers and double bucktails.

Shore: Bluefish, some Spanish mackerel, blow toads and sea mullet were beached by fishermen.

Central District Pamlico, Craven, Carteret, & Onslow Counties
Fishing is great. If the boats aren't bottom fishing and bringing in sea bass, grunts, snappers and tons of grouper they are trolling for dolphin, wahoo and tuna.

CharterBoats: Great fishing especially for dolphin and wahoo. Tuna are sort of scarce. Boats are bringing in nice Spanish, bonito and king mackerel.

Private Boats: Fishers are finding weakfish, pigfish, croakers, and spot in the Newport River- Boque Sound area. Weighed one spot which was a hair over 1 pound. Spanish mackerel up to 4 pounds in the Beaufort and Bogue Inlet areas along with bluefish. Spanish and blues down Atlantic Beach and on AR 320. Cobia have arrived. Several were reported caught around Harkers Island and Shackleford . Flounder and croakers were caught in Oyster Creek but they were barely keepers.

Piers/Shore: Black drum, pigfish, blues and Spanish mackerel.

Southern District Pender, New Hanover, & Brunswick Counties
Headboats:Boats are fishing everyday for the most part, and are returning to the docks with catches consisting of beeliners, black sea bass, groupers, triggerfish, and other bottom fish. king mackerel, dolphin, and amberjacks were also observed in the catches.

CharterBoats:Lots of dolphin this week reported on gulf stream trips this past week, along with some scattered catches of tuna's and wahoo's. Some billfish were released this week as well. Half/day charters reported blues, king and spanish mackerel, and inshore charters reported black and red drum, along with blues and spanish mackerels.

Private Boats: Good catches of dolphin this week in the stream, along with scattered catches of tuna and wahoo's. Small king mackerels reported anywhere from 5 to 18 miles out of wrightsville, and spanish mackerels along area beaches. Red drum were reported along area creeks, bays, and docks along the waterway, and the flounder fishing has begun to pick up in the cape fear river. Lots of bluefish and some drum reported at Masonboro Inlet.

Piers: Thing slowed a little this week on most area piers, as the water temperate cooled along area beaches. Lots of blues are still being caught, but the Spanish mackerel catches slowed. There were some kings caught, and a few cobia on topsail and oak island piers this week. Bottom fish catches were slow with a few sea mullets, pompano's, and spots being reported this week.

Shore:Some big blues and some nice pompano's were reported this week on the south end of fort fisher. The big blues seem to be biting best at night. There are still some black drum being caught along area beaches as well as some sea mullets and bluefish.

May 17, 2003  - Fishing Report

   Charter boats out of Oregon Inlet have had yellowfins up to 84 pounds, bigeye tuna up to 163 pounds, gaffer dolphin and scattered stripers. Tons of blues in the inlet along with Big Black Drum being caught. A number of Black Drum were caught ranging in weight from 50 to 70 pounds.

    Farther south, the cobia are starting to show with an 82-pounder landed. Spanish and blues have been caught in the surf along with some sea mullet north of Avon. A few nice flounder are starting to come out of the sound. The central coast has had great bluefish runs with fish into the teens at Emerald Isle piers along with good black drum and sea mullet. Some nice kings and Spanish have been caught from the Topsail piers. Gaffer dolphin, kings and Wahoo have been caught offshore. The southern coast has seen some nice flounder and blues from the south end of Carolina Beach and black and red drum from the surf and in the ICW. Wahoo and dolphin have been caught on the charters.

   Inland, the stripers look to be spawning hard this week in the RoanokeRiver.Reports that 100 rock to the boat are being caught. Most fish are 2 thru 5 pounds but some Big Rock are in the river also some in the 20 to 30 pound range. Also in the rivers the Bream are just starting to rise from the deep and move to the shore line. Reports of limits of Bream being caught.

 Falls Lake anglers are catching some bass shallow with spinner baits, buzz baits and trick worms. There has been some schooling activity near the dam.

   Kerr Lake largemouth are doing well on soft plastics flipped in bushes. Most of the stripers are spawning up the rivers, but some blue cats have been caught on live bait in the mouths of the rivers.

June 16,2002
6:00 a.m. Off from Oregon inlet.Nice morning light winds and good seas.Ran to the tower 7:00 a.m. Hooked one Jack Left there trolling.Hooked up on a white Marlin about 35lb.Not much grass out they're but did get some Dolphin.Trolled at the point for two hours not a bite.Saw a Tuna jump five or six times would have went over 150 #.Trolled back to the tower saw some sharks.Got at the tower the water was loaded with Jacks.Hooked up on 25 or 30.For the day we had 5 Dolphin,6 Jacks,1 skip jack,and a White Marlin.

June 1,2002
 Off with Capt. Webb  Out of Oregon inlet not to bad South West winds at 12.Trolled from Oregon inlet south about a mile not a strike.Ran on out and saw some surface action it was a pack of Blacktip sharks about 15 feeding on bait.Saw some other fish feeding but could not tell what they where just saw a flash. Hooked one shark that broke off.  Now on to the point winds came up and it was choppy. Trolled about a hour with no striks.Seas got up to about ten feet so we left.Came back in to  the grass lines.Dophfin where there.Hooked up on one right away.Took eight in about two hours then it slow down.Went to the tower wind had came down off the bat a big amberjack.Then Sharks about 25 from three feet up to ten feet.Lost five or six from cut offs.Taged five and took one for the grill.Saw good numbers of trigger fish and other fish flashing down deep For the day we took 8 dolphin,1 shark,1 amberjack.

May 12,2002
  Off this morning with Caption Webb on the 27 foot Sport Cat.Out from Oregon inlet at 6:00 am.Stop and fished for Bait two flounders and a skate.Went to the point got there boats everywhere trolling.We trolled for three hours one strike and lost that.Left there and went to the tower.Off the bat Big Blue fish, Black sea bass, and a Bar Jack.But we where out of time so we headed in.Back at the Dock there where good catches of DOLPHIN, a few Tuna, one Sharks, a couple king mackerel and a Whaoo.For the in shore Good cobia action late yesterday, four from 30 - 40 lbs, 50 - 56 inches, nice spanish  mackerel 4.5 lbs, 27 inches south of Oregon inlet.A few billfish...36 lbs, WHITE MARLIN AND SPEARFISH RELEASES and a BLUE MARLIN.

  April 27,2002-Left Oregon inlet going to the point but it got rough so we turned to the tower to do some Bottom fishing.Big Blues,Sea Bass,and 1- 8lb.Tautog.The Blues where in the 10 pound range.

    Dec.31,2001-Left Oregon inlet and went north like all the reports said.Started at the Bars then trolled all the way down to jennettes pier not a thing and then back to Oregon inlet and not a fish and saw no bait.Did see some birds but they where looking fish just like us.Talked to about 15 boats and some had one.When we got back to the ramp.We found out that the fish where south seven or eight miles down the beach but then they said that it was slow.So take it for what it is worth maybe the cold weather had something to do with it.But over all we had a great day on the water and that is what it is all about.

Dec.13,2001-Fish Hawk here.Nice Day for fishing.We went at cape colony in the Albemarle sound.Throwing beetle spins.We ended up with about 125 white pearch.Then tried the Rock the season is out but still fun to catch got three or four .They where schooling off the beaches.Just look to the birds and you will find them.Well hope everyone has a Marry Christmas and a new year full of great fishing.

November 28,2001-Albemarle sound white preach ever other cast on a beetle spin.We got about 250 in 5 hours.

November 27,2001-Albemarle sound white perch.Two Boxes full in 3 or 4 hours.Got them on Beetle spins

November 22,2001-Oregon-Inlet-Left the dock with clam wind.Went out on the 650 line again about 45 miles out."No Tuna" But lucked up on a short fin Mako about 3 feet long and 15 pounds.Left there and came back to the 102 tower.We had been there about 30 mins or so and then a Big Bluefish Blitz.We finally caught 9 Big Blues and broke off 8 or 9 others.The biggest one was 15lb. the rest where in the 9 to 10 pound range.We did hear on the radio that some Tuna where caught off the Point.But don't know how far off they where.Over all we had a great day on the water.Till next time keep your lines tight and your drags screaming.

November 02,2001-Albemarle sound at cape colony wildlife ramp,White perch and more with perch schooling off the boat ramp.I got about 125 white perch on beetle spin in the grass beds.I also release 6 small Rock fish.

October 20,2001-We went out in the ocean off Oregon inlet to the gulf.Wow what a nice day winds where low and waves where about 2-3 feet.Got three tuna roughly 50lb.each. Dolphins where in a biting mood.we got about 25 or so in the 2-5 pound range

October 19,2001-we went to Cowan river under the bridge. Got 4 nice Rock fish and caught about 30.Had 8 catfish.

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